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OES is a boutique, English-language editing service. Founded in 2021 by writer, editor, and teacher Matthew O’Brien, we offer a personal experience in an industry that has become faceless and automated, and we’re diverse rather than niche. We edit:

  • résumés & cover letters
  • bios
  • academic papers
  • admissions essays
  • books
  • websites
  • social-media posts
  • and more
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Our Services Include:

Micro and Macro Editing


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Praise from Clients

“Matt has not just changed my perspective on editors and writing, he has become a friend.”
—Logan G., realtor, bartender, and writer

“I highly recommend O’Brien Editing Services!”
—Paul R., business owner

“He brought an editor’s eye and an artist’s heart to the projects.”
—Moniro R., bestselling author

“I wish I had received this quality of critical analysis four decades ago!”
—Frank F., playwright and aspiring novelist

“With their help, I got a B in a class that I otherwise would’ve struggled with.”
—Karine P., undergrad student

“When I applied to MFA creative-writing programs, I was admitted into the program of my choice on the merits of one of the stories Matt edited.”
—Joe W., teacher and grad-school applicant