As an Emmy Award-winning former broadcast journalist, I thought I knew how to write and edit. It wasn’t until my book publisher assigned Matt O’Brien to me that I realized what skill and talent is needed to be a good editor. Matt tirelessly and patiently edited my book until we both felt it was ready for publishing. My book would not be where it is now without his editing, and I am grateful to have met such a craftsman who not only is a great editor, but loves what he does.” Sam L., author and motivational speaker

I reached out to OES for help with my résumé and cover letter, since my goal was always to move to New York and grow my career there. New York is a very competitive city, and I’d not had luck applying for jobs there and I knew I was doing something wrong. Matt helped me simplify and streamline my résumé and cover letter and make the language stronger and more grammatically correct. (English is my second language.) He also emphasized strong points that I was not highlighting properly. Magically, with the new résumé and cover letter, I got the job in New York!”—Eliana M., architect and designer

I am 80 years old, have a master’s degree, and am a published playwright who has taken editing advice and courses over the years. I appreciate the accuracy and diligence Matt demonstrated in editing a novel manuscript I sent him. I wish I had received this quality of critical analysis four decades ago! Matt provided what no one else has been able to offer me and gave me a fighting chance to succeed in this highly competitive field.”—Frank F., playwright and aspiring novelist

The absolute best in the business! There is not a subject, genre, style, or medium Matt is not a natural fit to bounce real, refined, or raw works off of. You don’t know it yet, but your writing needs this pro’s gentle-yet-sharp, red pen. I won’t let one of my pieces be seen in public without an O’Brien edit.”—Matt L., writer, editor, and professor

As I was looking for a new international teaching job, I reached out to Matt to help me bring my résumé and biography to life. A principal at one of the premier schools in the Caribbean contacted me directly after reading the bio. He mentioned specifics in it that he related to and loved, and later offered me a job. I accepted the position, which pays well and has outstanding benefits. Thanks for your help, OES!”—Michael P., teacher

I think of Matt as a guide who has navigated diverse terrain: crossed its ridges, hiked its peaks, and breathed in its meadows. He recognizes the challenges writers face and the tools they’ll need as they embark on their creative journey. He not only carved a path for me as I stumbled through the wilderness, but carried my water through the toughest stretches. My boots are muddied, my shirt is sweaty, and my walking stick is scarred, but I owe the confidence I’ve gained as an author to Matt’s pathfinding. His compass is true north in the realm of writing.”—Juergen B., author and adventurer

I recently applied for a job and I reached out to O’Brien Editing Services for help with my résumé and cover letter. They highlighted my relevant skills and job experiences in the résumé and made it more personal and less one-dimensional. In the cover letter, they fixed punctuation and preposition errors, strengthened the word choice, and streamlined it, so it complemented the résumé. On top of all of that, it was fast and affordable.”—Freddy A., job applicant

My first language is French, and I chose to enroll in an undergraduate program in adult education in English after getting my master’s. In the first class, I had to write several papers, and I leaned on OES to make sure I addressed the prompt, had a strong intro, body, and conclusion, met the requirements of the rubric, and was grammatically correct. With their help, I got a B in a class that I otherwise would’ve struggled with.”—Karine P., undergrad student

Recently, I hired OES for editing work on my book and, as usual, Matt did a stellar job! I have used his editing services in the past, and when it came to this very important project he was the first person I called. On top of being easy going and pleasant, he is thorough, communicative, timely, and his price fits my budget. I highly recommend O’Brien Editing Services!”—Paul R., business owner

I like working with O’Brien Editing Services because of how accessible and collaborative it is. Matt and I maintained contact throughout the editing process for my latest novel. He was quick and thorough, and also honest and gentle in his feedback. He helped bring some much-needed perspective to a book that I was a little too close to.”—Jeff D., author and journalist

Matt edited several of my short stories and provided detailed feedback on word choice and plot and made the pieces tighter and more readable. His edits also made me a more conscious writer. When I applied to MFA creative-writing programs, I was admitted into the program of my choice on the merits of one of the stories Matt edited.” —Joe W., teacher and grad-school applicant

Matthew O’Brien is an incisive and thoughtful editor whose intuition for what makes writing great comes from his intrinsic understanding of literary prose and the craft of storytelling. His feedback is constructive and encouraging. He has a knack for identifying and elevating a writer’s voice and strengths without over-inserting his own opinion. Above all, he is a gifted writer, which makes him an authority on turning a good idea into a captivating story.”—Krista D., short-story writer

For the last ten years, I’ve strived to be the best writer I can be, and I’ve worked with quite a few editors. They never met my expectations and I resolved to never waste my money again. Yet I gave Matthew a chance and he has proven invaluable. Not only does he cover the basics with me, but he recommends grammar books and literary works and reviews his edits with me over the phone. Matt has not just changed my perspective on editors and writing, he has become a friend. You won’t regret working with him.”—Logan G., realtor, bartender, and writer

O’Brien does much more than just relate to the technical aspects of editing; he is genuinely interested in supporting you and your work. I expected corrections, but got so much more. His questions and comments made me a better thinker, writer, and storyteller.”—Barbara M., aspiring writer

I’m from Iran and I write in Farsi, but some of my books and stories have been translated into English. After the translation, I passed one of my stories and novels on to Matt, and he helped both reach their potential. He improved not only the language and style, but, as a writer himself, he understood the essence and emotion of the works. He brought an editor’s eye and an artist’s heart to the projects.—Moniro R., bestselling author

I have worked with several editors since I started my first book in 2016, and I can honestly say that Matt is the best I have ever worked with. His background as a high school and college English teacher really shines through. He provides clear explanations and examples, and he is positive and prompts me to be more reflective about my writing. Working with him has been one of the highlights of my writing career and it has reminded me how much I enjoy writing.”
Osmond K., counselor and writer

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